Janak's Texas Tycoons Campaign for YJA

Janak Shah
Campaign Donors
Adam Thompson
Anil and Hina Shah MA MRCC
Vasant and Jyotsna Nagda
Nehal & Himanshu Gosar
Jasmine and Kiran Gada
Viral & Hetal Maru
Eva and Vishwa Shah
Alka rambhia
Test Shah - Add the 2020 pledge donors, schedule a call with Prem Uncle and Deepak Uncle, who have both volunteered to look over the meeting. From uncles, get a sense of how much these potential donor families would be comfortable spending and increase 30%-50% more than their last donation
Chandrika Shah
Aashish Maru
Slack Bot
Bobby Bob
Anish Visaria
What Your Donation Means

As YJA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely upon your continued support to help keep our organization running.

The 2022 YJA Convention will be one of the most expensive Conventions to date due to required COVID-19 security measures, increased costs due to supply chain constraints, and rising inflation.

Your contribution will directly provide the safest, most enriching, and most holistic experience possible, while helping us maintain accessibility and affordability for all attendees. We want every young Jain to be able to experience the magic of a YJA Convention.

We hope you choose to donate today! Please consider donating at one of these sponsorship levels. Contact us if you have any questions at fundraising.dtx@yja.org. This includes any requests for information on how to donate via cheque, Zelle/PayPal, corporate matching, and in-kind methods.

Thank you!


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For any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to fundraising.dtx@yja.org.