About the 2020 YJA Convention

Every two years, YJA brings together hundreds of Jain youth from around the world to learn about and expand the Jain way of life and build long-lasting friendships. Aptly themed “Our 2020 Vision: Progressing with Purpose”, this Convention intends to dive into our Jain heritage and use it to find our purpose and future. After planning many thought-provoking sessions, engaging social events, and networking opportunities, we're excited to host the 2020 YJA Convention in the heart of the South: Dallas, TX!

The biennial YJA Convention is an incredible opportunity to meet Jain youth from around the world. Though Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world, the Jain community constitutes a religious minority in the homeland of India with 4.2 million adherents. There are small but notable immigrant communities in Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. Being a minority in its home nation makes Jainism a minority within a minority in the United States. Though small in numbers, the Jain community continues to make a positive, measurable difference in society. Education and knowledge have historically proven to be one of the cornerstones of Jainism. In fact, Jains have the highest literacy rate of any religious community in India at 94.1%. Being able to participate in a forum targeted towards Jain youth is exceedingly rare, and the 2020 YJA Convention provides just that. Attendees will learn more about Jainism and how to impact their communities with the knowledge and relationships gained from this event.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to connect, learn, and share your thoughts with Jain peers and dignitaries on a wide range of subjects. You will have the chance to explore interesting conversations, develop leadership qualities for your high school club or first career, and create better societies around you through social work and community involvement. With a variety of fun, innovative, and interactive sessions and programs, we will help you and your fellow attendees from across the world come together on this journey towards finding your best selves. There are a limited number of spaces to attend the 2020 YJA Convention. Register now to join us for a once in a lifetime Convention experience!