About the 2024 YJA Convention

Every two years, YJA brings together hundreds of Jain youth from around the world to learn about the Jain way of life and build long-lasting friendships at its biennial Convention. The 2024 YJA Convention, themed "Traditional Pathways, Modern Footprints," is designed to give Jain youth a platform to discover novel ideas and engage with a diverse set of thinkers as they find and pave their own paths in the world. Taking place from July 4th - 7th 2024, the 2024 YJA Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia!

Over the course of four days, attendees will learn and engage with each other through creative programming and activities. A typical morning might begin with guided meditation and yoga before leading into a keynote address or Jeopardy-style competition in a larger group setting. Throughout the day, attendees will attend various breakout sessions of their choice to learn about a variety of topics ranging from Social Impact-related discussions to more interactive sessions (ranging from singing and photography to networking with speakers and fellow attendees). Evenings feature several opportunities to form new bonds at events like the Talent Show, Garba Night, and Formal. When the jam-packed weekend comes to an end, attendees will leave with meaningful connections and an unparalleled feeling of community.

Ultimately, attendees will have the opportunity to explore new perspectives in sessions and workshops, connect with others at social events, and grow as individuals and as Jains throughout the Convention. From completing impactful Seva volunteering to sharing stories over Jain meals and everything in between, attendees will become stronger leaders and build an invaluable sense of self.

Register today to join us in Atlanta this summer - spaces are limited!

About the 2024 Convention Theme

YJA 2024: Traditional Pathways, Modern Footprints

“Traditional Pathways” - We start with the past. Each person has a history that may not start with them, but with what existed before them. With “Traditional Pathways'', we want to highlight how our Jain traditions and values can provide direction for our future. Our ancestors paved a path for us to ensure that we could take the lessons of yesterday and apply them to tomorrow.

“Modern Footprints” - We think about the future. With each lesson we are taught, and every story we hear, we hope to continue to grow and take steps forward, while ensuring all of the traditions and values from our history remain a subconscious guide. With every new footprint, we remember that we are building the pathways for those who will come after us.