Jains in Action (JIA) is an excellent opportunity for Jain youth to put what they've learned in school to practical use to address the 2024 JIA theme - Reviving Jain Ideals: Sustainable Innovations for Today’s World Challenges. It encourages interdisciplinary collaboration to solve problems that exist in the real world around us! This hands-on program brings the spirit of problem-solving and action to the YJA Convention, and participants will receive training and mentorship invaluable skills. Mentors, judges, and Convention attendees at large will get to see the results of their hard work when semi-finalists present to judges, and finalists present on the main stage.

JIA applications are now open now! Apply here by April 1st!

Why JIA? Our Jain communities have given so much to us - this is our chance to use our skills and creativity to give something back, and begin to build for future generations. We hope you'll join us on this wonderful journey!

The Process

JIA will start with a series of virtual meetings before Convention, where teams will identify a problem in their communities and work together to develop and test their solution. Along the way, they'll learn collaborative problem solving techniques that can be used in any field, to solve any kind of problem. They'll be guided by experienced mentors who will cover human-centered design, brainstorming and design thinking techniques, prototyping and presentation strategies, and more. At the 2024 YJA Convention, they'll have the opportunity to collaborate in-person and showcase their ideas to the broader Convention audience!

The Participants

We are looking for Jain youth coming to the 2024 YJA Convention in the High School, College, and 22+ age range who are interested in creatively solving problems in the Jain community. No prior experience in social impact competitions, design, or entrepreneurship is required (though it will certainly be helpful!). The JIA Admin Team will review all applications and create teams by taking into account factors such as participants' areas of expertise, interests, and locations. We will work to put together teams in which each individual participant brings something to the table and has something to learn from their teammates!

The Prize

The top teams will win the opportunity to bring their project to life with YJA's support. After Convention, we will provide financial support and connect teams with community leaders and stakeholders interested in helping bring their ideas to life. Your project will also be featured in Young Minds, YJA’s magazine that is shared to readers nationwide!


JIA participants are expected to participate in a professional manner, keeping in mind Jain values at all times. We expect all participants to communicate respectfully with each other and with mentors, as well as display good sportsmanship during the competition itself. At all times, whether in an online meeting or while on the Convention site, JIA participants must adhere to YJA Convention rules and regulations. Participants are expected to work hard to contribute to their teams, learn a lot from the people they meet, and most importantly, contribute to the Jain community while having fun!

The Leads

We are so excited to have a group of incredibly diverse and accomplished young professionals as leads for our JIA teams!

Rishabh Shah

Roshali Kothari

Yash Vardhan